TRIVOLTY - unique crystal with your photo engraved inside!

Our beautiful souvenir demonstrates that humanity does not stand still. TRIVOLTY crystal has a unique design that will fit any style. This beautiful frame is made from the highest quality materials using hi-end technologies. You can even upload your photo to see actual look and feel of the final product.

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Unique design

Inspired by revolutionary photo technology we created the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

We have been working hard on TRIVOLTY for 8 months to create breathtaking design and combine it with modern technologies.

Every aspect of its design was strictly calculated and assessed in terms of ergonomics, innovative trends and customer preferences.

We want to offer this unique present to everyone, wherever you are and whatever device you possess.


Due to the light unit the image formed by means of a laser technology is clearly visible day and night regardless of where the crystal is placed. Internal batteries ensure eight hours of constant glow of the crystal.

The TRIVOLTY crystal consists of a light unit, a transparent colorless glass with engraving inside, and a supporting element on a back side. A cylinder-shaped light unit is comprised of batteries, a touch sensor, a LED line, and plastic end caps provided with mini-USB connectors to charge batteries. When you touch one of the end caps the LEDs flash on for 3 minutes, the second touch turns them off. When the batteries are charged by the mini-USB cable, LEDs are on all the time. The LED lights highlight your beautiful image of choice.

Also, we created innovative technology which allows you to asses how the crystal will look and feel with your personal photo inside. There is nothing simpler than upload your image , wait a bit while we do some magic, and finally review the crystal in 360° via rotating it left or right.


We have launched crowdfunding campaign where you can pre-order TRIVOLTY crystal with the price of $79, comparing to the future retail price $129!

We are still finalizing production setup and TRIVOLTY crystals will be ready to ship by the end of August 2015. At the same time we have launched crowdfunding campaign to improve visibility of our product on the market. During limited amount of time, till the end of July, you have a chance to pre-order TRIVOLTY crystal with $50 discount. We will contact you by the end of July to provide actual photo to be engraved inside TRIVOLTY crystal. Also, pre-ordering now allows you to request our device to be shipped any time in the future, so you can wait till important moment of your life occurs and save money on future purchase.

Please don't be afraid to pre-order now — we provide guarantee to ship TRIVOLTY crystals any time you want starting from the end of August. We will refund your order upon each request, period!

Pre-Order now! Pre-Order now with $50 discount!

Notable Features

Please check all the features of Tirvolty crystal which makes it amazing!

High-quality materials

Light unit is made from anodized aluminum, while the photo unit is made from crystal-clear optic glass

Laser engraving

We use superb laser engraving technology which produces images inside the crystal - it allows picture to be the same for ages!


You can upload your photo to be engraved inside the crystal. Our innovative technology allows to asses final look and feel before actual order


Size of the front-facing crystal is 15x20 centimeters, or 5.9x7.9 in inches


Special LED-light technology makes engraving inside the TRIVOLTY crystal visible day and night from all angles.


There are two ways to activate LED-lighting: touch sensor or micro-USB batteries recharging cable


A cylinder-shaped light unit is comprised of rechargeable batteries ensuring 8 hours of constant glow

Automatic turn off

Backlight disappears automatically in 3 minutes after turning it on

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